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Young Married’s Gruene Tubing Event!

by gswarfield

So the Young Married’s Group at our church does a really nice job of planning activities that we can do together. This was another one of those activities. We met everyone at Gruene, Tx.

This was the name of the Restaurant that we ate at with the whole group. It was built on the side of a hill that over looked two of the different rivers that you could choose to float down. It supposedly is one of the most famous areas to eat in this town. It had multiple different buildings like a barn, and other pieces that had been added on. It had a very fun vibe, and our server was great!

We happen to come when there was a festival going on, so there were lots of people in this little town. Grant and I arrived earlier than most of the other people so we looked at the flea market stuff and the antique stores. As you can see, this is a historic village, so it was fun see the dance hall, the old grocery store, etc.

After this we went to the Gruene River Co. Where we rented Tubes, lotioned up, some more than others, and were driven to the drop off point where we as a group went into the water and slowly floated down the river. We decided to go on the Comal River since it was a shorter ride than the Guadalupe River. We hit two water chutes that made us go to parts of the river that had more currents. We had a lot of fun relaxing, talking, and getting to know people better.

Grant and I were surprised how clean this river was due to the fact that this is college activity sometimes where drinking is allowed on the river. (which seems dumb because of how fast you could drowned, but oh well.) There were actually police men in small boats that handed out tickets to people who littered. One of the guys in the group Paul, found a turtle and carried it for part of the trip which was also fun.

Here is one of the water chutes that I mentioned above.

Our Ride was 2 hours long, where we were picked up and driven back to the place we rent the tubes and our cars where parked. We were all pooped and drove back to Austin which is about an hour away from Gruene, Tx. It was an awesome event, but afterwards we were all soooo tired.

Grant hadn’t put on any sunblock for this adventure and ended up looking like a lobster. I tried to put sunblock on, but used this mist sunblock and failed miserably. So, I am not nearly as burnt as Grant, but have a few streaks where I didn’t rub the sunblock in. So, I have a permanently burnt bikini on at the moment. It was defintiely a fun experience and meeting more people was great too!

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Andy and Ashley June 30, 2009 - 11:43 am

I had tons of fun floating and am looking forward to hanging out with you guys even more!I was bummed that we had no pics, but you guys found some greats pics online! I may have to reference your blog if that's okay!


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