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Preparing for a Roadtrip/lots of packing

by gswarfield

Well my flight for Ohio leave around 8:00am from Austin, TX. I have a stop in Nashville where I’ll actually be meeting up and getting on the same flight as Dan to Cleveland. I added a map at the top of the blog temporarily. I have an application on my iPhone that gets my location via GPS or a triangulation of cell phone towers, and then sends it to a website which then puts a lovely dot on a google map for you. Here is a link ( http://map.phireant.com/ ) for the Map (which is pretty much the same thing at the top of this blog). So this application has to be running on my iPhone in order for the location to be sent. Well obviously I’m going to have to use my phone for other things, so the location will not be exact. But you will get a general idea of where our convoy is located. I’m going to be trying to blog this trip out, but I’m unsure how well I’ll do because of other things going on and also I’ll be driving one of the 3 26-foot penske trucks.

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