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Young Married’s Camping Trip

by gswarfield
So, Grant and I went on the Young Married’s Camping Trip last weekend. We had a BLAST! The day before it had been raining(the first time since we had been in Austin), and so the forecast said it was supposed to be rainy and cold. So, I packed warmer things with me. By the time we get to the camp grounds which are an hour and a half away from downtown Austin, it is hot and muggy filled with lots of sunshine. I think I wasn’t in the best mood cause I never get hot, and I was hot. Then there were all these Gnats, and it was a little overwhelming with all of these people that we had met once and lots of new people. Well, I mainly helped Tanya out at the beginning socializing with some people,but not with all of them. Then toward dinner time it got cooler, the gnats disappeared, and everyone seemed to warm up to each other more. Then we all started having fun! the dinner was great, and through out most of the day I had talked to everyone I am pretty sure. Everyone was so nice, and it was really funny to see that almost all of the young marrieds had either their children with them or their makeshift children… their dogs. so that was a lot of fun.

Here is Grant and I being silly… On our way into the Camp Grounds which were pretty huge, there was this allotted area where you could pull off the road and take pictures. Well, I am not the touristy kind, but it really was a beautiful view, so, I asked him to stop. So, we took this picture… which he did not want because he said that someone from the young marrieds will probably see us and he would feel dumb. I assured him no one would and right as we were taking the picture the Georges (who are Tanya and Wilson’s Neighbors) drove by… he was not to happy with me lol! The funny thing is, is that I look like a goof since I saw the Georges driving by and Grant looks great in the picture.. oh well!

Me standing by the pretty view.

Grant being goofy and bearing with me while I want him in pictures too!

The view!

I have to say I like this picture, and it is my background on my computer! Woot for amateur photographers.

There were people canoeing, but I missed them in the pictures!
And the last nature photo!

Here you can see the bigger tent that Anthony, Shea, Grant, and I shared, and then you can see the smaller two person tent that Mia and Wilson Shared. Tanya and Ally where there during the first day, and then met us for Lunch on Sunday at Dan’s after the church service she went to. We had service at the camp grounds.

Here you can see part of the group of people at the young marrieds. There was a group photo taken, so I hope that I can get a copy, but we will see. On the left is the picnic table that was used to display all the food for an assembly line approach, and on the right you can see part of the main circle of people with the camp fire and everything.

So, as it lot later on the first day, it got darker and cooler which gave it a nicer atmosphere in general. A few guys(Paul, and Ryan) who had their dogs asked Grant and I if we wanted to go on a walk. They took us to this really cool inlet of the lake where you could go cliff diving and just a fun place to swim. Now it was almost dark, and we were there only for the dogs, so they threw the ball into the water and let the dogs go and fetch. When we were almost ready to leave, Paul threw the ball one last time and the dog missed where he had thrown it and didn’t know where to swim to retrieve it, so Paul mentioned the we should find a stick to throw in the same area so that his dog(Dixie) would get the ball. So all the guys but me start going around in the dark searching the brush and area of the trail for sticks. So, I guess Paul lifted a rock, and literally picked up a baby rattle snake without it biting him, dropped it, and then told us all about it. Well, after Dixie got the ball, Paul ended up bringing the snake back to camp where it was gutted, and the skin was cured. My first rattle snake experience.
Then we played a new game called knock which was a lot of fun, and then went to bed later that night.

The next morning there were some crazy tools that they used for cooking. You can see the huge iron skillet on the fire which was used to make bacon, and eggs. Then you can see the dutch ovens(had never seen them before either) where they were cooking the biscuits, and later gravy was made too! It was a great breakfast!

Here you can see Mia, who was still sleeping after everyone else was already awake,but she slept in a Tent with no problem so that was good.

Wilson ended up waking her up due to the fact that he wanted her to see what the whole camping experience was about with the whole camp fire cooking etc.

It took Mia a while to wake up,but Maizie was right there ready to welcome her since she had been up for hours already!

Just a fun shot of Mia while she was waking up. It was acutally kind of chilly, but that is how camping is supposed to be, so it was nice after all that I had brought warm things!

Here is Mia after breakfast and after our church service all happy and awake in Anthony and Shea’s tent while we were all trying to clean it up since it was time to start heading out.

It was definitley a fun filled weekend, it was a little overwhelming at first, but a great experience nonetheless!

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