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by gswarfield

Here are some pictures that Grant showed me after I got home, So, I don’t know why or how they did some of the what they did. So, bear with me!

Grant and Simon were such troopers! I hope that Simon didn’t feel like he was only here to help us get stuff done in our place! He was an amazing help though! Here you can see their stack of my table and chairs so the lazer level could sit on there for the lower of the two shelves.

Here you see the bottom shelf completed when I got home from work on day one. Don’t ask me why they did the bottom shelf first, but it all worked out in the end!

On day two, the bins were added so that the level was the right height for the higher shelves.

Here you can Simon  on his ladder… I’m not sure what he is doing,but yeah, you can see how the shelves are held up.

Here you can see the ladder criss cross that they used on the corners… Yeah,  doesn’t look like the safest,but as long as my shelves go up and no trips to the emergency room I don’t care how it is done.  Part 3 coming soon!!!

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