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Top 5 Ways to Depill Fabric

by Jessica

I wanted to do a quick blog about the top 5 ways that I found to depill fabrics, especially fleece and sweaters.

The method that I ended up using was a Sweater Stone as well as a lint roller due to me having all of these items at home.

  1. I brushed the sweater stone on the sweater to slowly remove the pills. Then I removed any excess lint with a lint roller.

Here you can see I used the sweater stone and lint roller to brush the right half of the jacket, and it is looking so much better already!

See how I depill my fabric in my youtube video.

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I have seen a lot of people use the laundress’ sweater comb which also looks very nice. The sweater stone that I have, can get kind of gritty, so I might invest in one of these later.

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You can always use a reuse-able lint brush which I plan to invest in soon.

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Here is another reuseable version that I have yet to try.

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2. I have seen a lot of videos of people using a Furminator to brush the fleece, blankets, or sweaters to remove pills with much success.

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3. Another method I have seen, is a bristle brush that is used to brush the fleece with fabric softener to remove pills and make the fabric soft again.

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4. A simple razor has also seemed effective to simply shave off pills.

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5. An electric shaver has been very popular lately especially for furniture with upholstery. I prefer a manual version, but might look into getting one of these later.

I think using the method where you have the supplies already is the best. There are so many great ways to depill fabric, have you use any of the methods above? Did I miss a good method – please comment below!

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