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Sick = Not Fun!

by gswarfield
So, for the last week I have not been feeling well, but I still kept going to work, and taking loads of dayquill/nyquill. Then this morning I decided that I have had enough and need to go to the doctors. Grant and I are working on getting health insurance, so we weren’t excited about paying some ridiculous fees since it is all out of pocket. So, I found a medical clinic down the road where they always had walk ins. We went there, were the only ones in the waiting room (maybe because it was a holiday,but not sure), and only had 1 piece of paper to fill out which was incredible.
The nurse took Grant and I to our room as she did the typical question and answer session about family history etc. Then she did this new way to check fever… all she did was run this weird wand thing along my forehead and already had my temperature. Well, after that she checked my throat and was like hmm (not a good sounding hmm) … I was nervose. She decided that she would test me for strep throat since my throat was red… testing = more money so we weren’t too excited about that.
Then we waited for the doctor, when he came in he was a funny nice man asking the typical question, “How are you doing?” Such a duh no brainer… obviously NOT good, but I played nice. He did the typical examination to also say… hmm… in a not good way to my throat, and then left to check the lab work. Grant had Mono two years ago, and so anytime I am sick he ALWAYS claims that I have mono… even though I have not had it yet. When the doctor came back in, he asked me who I had been kissing with a huge grin on his face!!! I was like wait what?! Then he started laughing and told me that I had Strep Throat.
Strep throat has never been fun, but he threw me for a loop thinking I had mono even though he didn’t even know that Grant had ever had mono. He just meant that I had been contagious with Strep for the last week and just encase he checked Grant’s throat to make sure he didn’t have it. So, so far so good Grant doesn’t have it, lets hope that he won’t get it later. Also, the doctor ended up lowering his typical office fee for us, and we received 25% off because we paid upfront which was a huge happy surprise! Strep throat is not fun, but it is awesome to see God bless us in such crazy and unexpected ways. Also, I am not happy to be sick,but I am happy that I had something that I actually did need a perscription for, because I would have felt very bad to have gone and paid a lot of money for a viral infection that I can’t do anything about. I have only been taking antibiotics for one day now, but I am noticing a little bit of a difference so WOOOT!

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Gail October 14, 2009 - 12:25 am

I am so sorry to hear that you are/were sick! I hope Grant took really good care of you!!!Love, Mom (Wow)


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