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New Toys

by gswarfield
So Grant has been talking about getting a desktop for at least the whole summer if not longer… So, he finally got it. Once he decided to get it, and had done all his research, he bought everything for it.

Here is his old case with some of his new stuff put in it already.

He is doing something on his laptop, and we were both laughing at the fact that we now have two laptops and one desktop… more computers than people in our apartment… we would make Daniel and my dad proud! ;p

Grant always seems to be a very logical kind of guy and gets annoyed when others don’t share his gift of logic since we all know there are people like that out there. Well, the only time when Grant is not logical, is when he is being lazy. So all of the plugs were taken my his laptop and new desktop,but he needed my laptop over there so of course the next closest outlet made sense… I got to deal with the fact that one couldn’t open the fridge without hurting someone or something.

Just another picture…I was laughing so hard when I saw this, cause this isn’t the normal Grant!

Grant mainly bought the things for this desktop because his laptop is definitely dated, and now my laptop is the only thing that can play his favorite game, team fortress 2, and CAD. He is now taking a CAD class, and when he has time to work on his homework, I am in Conway , an hour away, with my laptop. It just wasn’t working out, so this was a great solution!

Just showing all of Grant’s boxes and stuff. I was so happy that he finally got his desktop!

Him doing stuff in the Bios… “tweaking as he says”

Just the lovely mess, but it didn’t bother me, he was happy, and I had a GREAT book to read!

Grant getting all excited!I think it was almost working at this point… even though in these pictures he was missing a few parts that he was going to borrow from Dan which were in the mail and coming the next day, but here he was calling up his friends(Austin) seeing if he could get random stuff (Ram)to make it work just so he had something. It was just too unfair to have everything but one or two items, so he used them even if they weren’t the best.

The inside of his case, I know what the jist of the things are,but I just smile and nod, I’m just glad that it all works and he is happy!
Me happy in my corner of our apartment with my book!!! (Just and FYI, I was rereading The first king of Shannara which is written by Terry Brooks and is my ALL TIME FAVORITE author of Fantasy.. definitively better than Tolkien! )

OHHH, last but now least, here is another example of Grant’s non logicality due to desperate need… he had a network card from Dan that had been modded… it didn’t work for his purposes, so I don’t know if you can see, but here is a network cable running from the corner of our bedroom all the way through the main traffic area of our apartment to his desktop! When I pointed it out to him we were both CRACKING up because he hadn’t even noticed…he had a need…. internet, and he solved the problem. Oh, well, everything is very pretty and organized now, and I finished the amazing book so everyone is happy!

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Wilson September 16, 2008 - 12:16 am

So, what are the desktop specs?

Phireant September 21, 2008 - 10:11 pm

Well I’ll just have to make a post with the nasty details…


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