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Funny Things

by gswarfield
Now that Grant and I are married, people always ask us what married life is like. I would say it is great, I mean it is more work,but when you are both trying it makes it so much better. But there have been a few adjustments which most of them are an issue because of how small of an apartment Grant and I have. We are both very happy with it, and for the money it is more than we expected, but we have one bedroom, one bathroom, and one large room that has the kitchen, living area, and desk area in it. So, we first of all just barely fit all of our things in this place, and then when we are both here it can get crowded. Since I am here more than Grant, when he left certain things laying around I would put them away thinking I was doing him a favor, but then he would feel lost cause it wouldn’t be where he left it. So we had to sit down and talk about the best solution because it is definitely too small to leave things everywhere cause we both trip over stuff. Well, we have found out that if we have designated places for Grant’s things then when I put them away they are always there and we are both happy. Grant also wanted his own bowl and Fork… he had the fork, but I will explain that later. Also, with most of the money that we got from our wedding, we bought an expensive pot and pan set, and they are so amazing! We are very pleased with them so we are posting some pictures of them here.
One of the pots that we were using to make Ramen noodles…sorry for the dirty stove top.
the box.

Some of them laid out.

This is Grant’s bowl and his “bamboo” fork… this was from when he lived at three Harding drive… it looks nothing like bamboo, and it is burnt on one side, but whatever… it is HIS fork! LOL!

Me happy on Sunday after we found Grant an acceptable bowl that could be claimed as “his.”

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Simon September 14, 2008 - 7:40 pm

The picture with the “bamboo” aka BURNT PLASTIC fork made me laugh so hard!

Tanya September 15, 2008 - 9:25 pm

Gotta love illogical ways of doing things due to laziness. I think I know someone else who does that sometimes?:)


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