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How I Organize My Nail Supplies

by Jessica

This is just a quick post about what I found to organize my Gel Nail Supplies. I wanted something that could fit everything in one container that I could grab and go if needed.

414DoZnU8rL._SX450_Snapware Snap ‘N Stack 6-Inch by 9-Inch Storage Container

I ended up buying the container above. It had a lot of good reviews on Amazon and being less than $10.00 I figured that wasn’t too crazy.

DSC_6344 copy

I really like this case since it fits everything that I need if you put the top lid over the polishes since it gives it extra space so most can stand up straight.


So the top is thinner, and the other two are the same height. The snaps seem really sturdy on the sides, and the handle is nice. I also like that the handle insets into the top when laid down. I pick this up by the handle without having to worry about anything coming apart and falling out.


All of my polishes except the large gelish ones can stand up straight in this case, IF you put the lid on top of the container that holds the polishes.


I will probably stop buying the larger gelish once those are used up in 100 years.

DSC_6345 copyI wanted to fit the light in a portion of this container, so my light from my Sally Hansen Kit fits great in the middle, then the thin bottom portion I have all of my files, and in the top I have my polishes… yes, I know I have way too many.

Let me know if you have any questions about this case or have a better case that would work for my stuff!

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