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Roasted Potatoes

by Jessica

When we are eating carbs, one of my favorite dishes is roasted potatoes since they are super easy and are just stuck in the oven. I like these types of sides because I can be cleaning or doing other things while they are getting ready for us to eat. Oh, and of course they are amazingly tasty.


This is the easiest recipe known to man kind, I use red potatoes cut off all the weirdness and slice into wedges. The thicker the wedges the longer they take to bake.

I use this packet of seasoning that I get at Walmart. You can make your own seasoning mixes,but I go the lazy route because I know I like the taste of this seasoning, it lasts for 3-4 recipes from one packet.

Follow the recipe on the packet which pretty much tells you how many tablespoons of oil to drizzle on the potatoes and then you stir. By the way, you should be preheating the oven before this stage.

Sprinkle the amount of seasoning it says or you want if you like a stronger taste. Mix it up and bake for the amount of time on the packet or until the potatoes are soft.

Then Enjoy!

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