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by Jessica

Grant is a very good cook,but his recipes tend to be Mac and Cheese when I am sick or don’t want to cook,but whenever he gets in the mood to really make something it almost always turns out amazing. He is amazing at grilling among other things. I can’t even list all of the ones he has made,but here are the amazing ribs he made for us once. Enjoy!

We bought some ribs from the store.

Grant unwrapping and probably annoyed that I took this picture.

Getting all the random fat off.

You have to pull this membrane off the back before cooking.

Season them and then put them in foil and bake them(or grill, we didn’t have one at the time).

Grant made the BBQ sauce which had to reduce for a long time so while that was happening the ribs were cooking.

Here they are cooked.

The move to another container or just remove foil like we did and then add most of the bbq sauce on top and recook.

I made some mashed potatoes and they turned out GREAT, thanks Grant for such a wonderful treat!

We got our recipe from here.


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Laszlo September 22, 2012 - 10:56 am

Its nice to see Grant knows how to prepare and make ribs and sauce.
Looks great !!!!!
Happy Anniversary to you 2 .We will be coming to Texas week before Christmas hope to see you guys


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