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Pamela’s Baby Shower

by Jessica

So, here is the third baby shower that I have been able to help host. This shower was for Pamela, and she had helped host over 14+(totally a guess but it seems like every single one). Every one of us was trying to make sure this shower was perfect for her especially since she is into details and just loves to give her time and creative juices to anyone she can. The other fun part is that this shower was held at the same location as the first shower for Ashley that I ever helped host which you can review HERE. So, this shower has a completely different theme than the last one which was a modern “she’s going to pop” theme. For this shower we wanted it to be more shabby chic!


Here is the wreath at the entrance which Chez made.

Most of the hostesses setting up before hand.

The cute stop when you first come in.

Rachel had the picture frame and got pictures from pamela to put in them. Rachel and Ashley made the burlap flowers.



I found the idea for the favors,but Lindsey did an amazing job of actually making them.



Ashley provided the dictionary which everyone wrote encouragements in, circled and highlighted portions for the family to look through later. Chloe and Brandie brought the envelopes so people could write their address on them so that the Mom to be doesn’t have to be looking up hundreds of addresses.


I made the invitations to the specifications that the ladies were wanting.

Here is our food table all set up.


Ashley *Cough Cough Andy Cough Cough* made these awesome boxes for all of our pies to go in. Ashley also painted the box and she made the chocolate and peanut butter pies. Rachel made the apple pies, lindsey made the pecan pies, and I made the sour cherry pies.

Chloe brought the veggie straws which fit in so perfectly with our color scheme!

Chez provided the wonderful fruit tray with cashew lemon dip which was vegan and very delicious.

Rachel and I provided the small mason jars for the homemade vanilla ice cream that Rachel made!

Ashley also made this beautiful sign for the table, and Brandie made all of the beautiful pinwheels that you see around the house.

Here is a side view so you can see the table runner that I made and the ribbons that Ashley brought as added glitz.



Shea brought the prize bags for games and a door prize.

Chez made the cute bunting that is also around the house, and lots of the ladies brought fresh flowers that we put in mason jars too.

Here is my gift to Pamela which is a floor pouf that I have DIY instructions to HERE.

Here is the shower gift that everyone contributed to.

A cute wall that was already decorated like this in Chez’s Kitchen.



Here is the drinks table with a borrowed table cloth and fresh flowers.

Brandie provided the matching sodas for the shower.

I provided the pitcher for the water.

Lindsey provided all of the delicious punch as well as the glasses, punch bowl, etc.


Chloe provided the silverware and napkins.

Now to the shower!

Here is Elana and Ashley.

Shea and Chez.

Lindsey’s beautiful hairdo.


Rachel and Brandie.

Pamela right when she entered with her HUGE group of family.

We had a TON of people show up for this shower it was AWESOME!

Beth, Chloe, baby Lana, and Chez.

Lots of ladies getting food.

The presents were starting to pile up.

Joy and Beth.

Playing games.

Ashley’s amazing face, I think she liked the pies! 🙂

More ladies playing games, talking, and eating which is what showers are all about.

Just chatting, eating, and watching while Pamela started to open gifts.

Pamela got this blanket from the Jennings.

My pouf that I made she claimed it will match her nursery,but she might have just been being nice about it.

A swaddling blanket.

Cute handmade wash cloths from Heather and Sarah.

Heather and Sarah also made this cute baby necessities shower holder.

More swaddlers.

A cute nursery piggy bank from Elana.

All done opening gifts!

Not the best quality but her with her gifts.

All of the gifts before we all started loading them into her car.

Baby Lana being held by Pamela’s niece.

All of the hostesses! Left to Right Top: Chloe, Chez, Lindsey, and Me. Left to Right Bottom: Ashley, Brandie, Pamela, Rachel, and Shea.

We all had such a great time, and hope that Pamela felt loved. We all appreciate her sweet heart and willingness to help and love everyone! Also, the sex of this baby is unknown, and we CANNOT wait to find out what they are having!!!!



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Pamela Brown June 24, 2012 - 11:24 pm

Oh Jess, you have done such a wonderful job capturing the details of this beautiful day and shower!! I truly loved every moment of it – never wanted it to end. It was like Christmas! You bet I felt loved! Y’all were so generous, and I did notice every little detail. I was amazed at the creativity, and as usual, your artistic ability on the sewing machine and photoshop(for the invite). love you!

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