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Happy New Year!

by Jessica

Happy New Year from the Warfield Family!

I know this is a few days late,but better late than never.

 I am never a huge person to make new years resolutions. I am not against them, and I am very goal oriented. I guess I just feel like I do better at goals when I form them for better reasons then it is the new year. Anyway, I have always loved the new year and feeling like I have the chance to start over on things. The fresh clean start is always nice to have. It is funny because you can start anew any day you want, but it feels mor official when everyone acknowledges it. Here are a few things that I want to work on this year:

1. Try to blog every day or close to it.

2. Find more balance in my life and be more intentional.

3. Try and be more healthy eat better, exercise more regularly, and sleep more at night.

I realize this list is already impossible, and I have already failed,but I figure as long as I try I will most likely have improved from last year.

P.S. I am also excited about the new year because I can finally use my Calendar in my office! Last year I tried to buy one and they were already out. 🙁

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