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Hannah’s First Birthday!

by Jessica

A few months ago was Hannah Grace Grasham’s First Birthday. She is my only niece outside of Austin right now. She is very sweet, cute, alert, and of course smart. I wish I could see her more often so that I don’t feel like that much of a strange,but thus is life at the moment. Daniel and Sarina invited us to her birthday party, and we decided to attend. Lots of other family members were there including the Robertsons, the Grashams(my parents and younger siblings), and even the Bodi’s(Sarina’s parents and brother).

Hannah greeted us all,but loves my mom or Oma a lot and wanted her full attention as much as possible.

Here are some of the decorations and goodies that Sarina made us all for this party. She did such a great job!

The rest of the food, everything looked beautiful and tasted even better. I forgot to get pictures of a cute bucket that held the awesome glass dr. pepper bottles. Also, not shown here because we were all too busy eating were the single serve blue bell ice creams that were homemade vanilla and a chocolate one I can’t remember the name of. Needless to say they were perfect for such a warm day.

When the Robertson’s arrived, Mia and Ally were excited to see everyone especially Oma.

My Youngest brother Jason posing with “gang signs” at Grant’s request.

The kids that were there ran around the backyard, tried to chase the HUGE bubbles, and got rides in a little cart whenever they could find a willing adult to push them.

A special treat for Mia, getting to drink as much sprite as she wanted. Not the best for dehydrated children,but so much fun to spoil her with being the indulgent aunt.

Hannah had a birthday cupcake. It took her a while to even try some,it was so much more fun to smear everywhere.

Hannah and her beautiful eyes.

Emi with her cute tongue all excited because she made the lights go off in the ball.

They were trying to open gifts and interest Hannah in each one. I think she picked one,and that was all she wanted.

Daniel trying to interest Hannah, all of the parents trying to restrain all of the other children so much more interested than Hannah.

Hannah getting some Dr. Pepper, in this picture she wasn’t sure. Then she was following everyone with a glass bottle trying to get more. The addiction as started ;p

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Sarina July 16, 2011 - 5:11 pm

Thanks for posting all these pictures, they are perfect. I will have to get copies if you don’t mind. I LOVE it! I still have not done a birthday update for Hannah since she I didn’t take any pictures and don’t have great one to share! Thanks Jess and Grant for taking such great pictures, we are so glad to have you as family!


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