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Dime Box Roof & Horses

by Jessica

These pictures are from a while ago,but I still wanted to get them up. After my parents purchased the Dime Box property, there was this little house that they are making into a 2 bedroom 1 bath house. It is just outside of the big house, and it is within the fenced in backyard.

Here you can see all of the guys working on redoing the roof.

Ally watching intently,but making sure to stay out of the way especially since they were throwing things off of the roof.

While carrying in the supplies for the roof, the gate to the fenced in yard was left open which meant that some of the horses came into the yard. They are very curious and almost came into the house. This is the back patio where this horse came all the way up to the two glass doors to look into the house.

This horsy was on the front porch and kept looking into the windows hoping that we would feed her!

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