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Easter Egg Dying with the Girls

by Jessica

Tanya, Wilson, Marvin, and Roki all went out to a ceremony honoring Kenny Robertson. We babysat the girls and did all types of activities to keep the girls happy and occupied. But the most fun one was the egg dying.

Tanya and Wilson before they left.

The girls excited while I read the instructions.

Ally and Grant Dying Eggs.

Grant was “ruining” the eggs with the rubber band until after it was done, then the girls wanted that done to each of their own eggs.

Emi likes people to take a picture of her so that she can see it on the screen of the camera.

The final eggs after dying and princess stickers.

Grant’s egg!

Mia putting stickers on her eggs.

Emi and I sticking stickers on a page to keep her occupied.

Emi was starting to get tired.

We had a great time with the girls, and I think they liked it too.

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