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Amazing Chairs!!!

by gswarfield

Right after we moved in, Grant and I started unpacking boxes and making more and more of a mess. The mess can definitely get to you fast, so we were trying really hard to not be snappy, and just be happy and excited about our new place. Grant is a happy camper once his computer/internet are all working and ready for him to use at a moments notice. I am happy when my kitchen is done, and then I want everything else clean,but that is ok. So, my kitchen getting ready took longer than Grant’s computer that is for sure, but we finally have everything in the Dining Room, Living Room, and Kitchen ready and clean. We still have some papers to go through,but we can only do so much.

Grant and I don’t want to buy very much furniture unless we sell ours, or ours breaks and we have a real reason to be buying something new. Well, right before we moved Grant’s computer chair gave up its ghost. When Grant was packing our Penske Truck, we noticed that my computer chair was also broken. So, those were two things we needed. So, Grant and I of course know what we like,but we wanted to buy used. So, Craigslist pulled through again. We found the chairs that we really liked for pretty cheap.

Grant and I were able to get matching Chairs of the one shown above. Retail they are $280.00 each, and we got them for $100.00 each.

Here are some more views of them, we got them in Black leather though.

Here is the back view! We are so excited about them, they are comfortable, they look great, and we hope that they last a long time.

At the same craigslist posting, we also decided to get a coffee table, since we don’t have either. We got this one for $100.00 also which was cheaper than retail as well.

We like the style of this one, but I don’t think we will keep this one forever. For right now it works great! We like it,but it has some down sides like not seeing the glass and running into it with your shins.  Grant and I are already designing some new concepts, but those won’t come into fulfillment for a long time,but it is always nice to dream. Coming up soon are most pictures of our actual place!

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