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Jessica’s Christmas Tree

by gswarfield

Well Jessica is huge into getting a real christmas tree and has definitely let me know that when we have our own place we are not having any of that fake christmas tree stuff in our place.  Well my sister also knows Jessica’s passion on christmas trees and called me up to show me a mini tree I could get for her for christmas.  That would be perfect except I already got Jessica’s presents and went over budget as it was.  So I told my big sis that I wasn’t able to get it for her because of all that.  Well my sis would not have that! So my big sis (Amanda) got the tree for us (*cough* Jessica) and I can’t wait for jessica to get home and see it.

This is the tree and stuff that came in the package.  I came with a picture frame christmas ornament, pack of 12 ornaments and then a set of mini christmas lights.
This is a picture of what Jess will see when she gets home.
I wish I could of been the one to get this for her.. but I’m glad my sister was awesome enough to do this.  I think it will mean more than you would think to Jessica.
I tried to catch Jessica when she got home.. but was about 2 second late.. da well..

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Gail December 16, 2009 - 8:07 am

Merry Christmas Jessica, Amanda showed me this on her phone last night, I am so glad Grant put this on the blog..got teary eyed…love you, Mom (Wow)

Sarina December 18, 2009 - 8:33 am

Jess, I feel the same way about real trees….that comes mostly because of family tradition. We would go to the Christmas Tree Farm at my grandparents every year the day after Thanksgiving and pick out the perfect tree, cut it down and bring it home. It was always exciting to look forward to each year. Yay for REAL Christmas trees!


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