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Hanging out with the girls

by gswarfield
Mia and Ally are two of the coolest kids that I know.. I might be a little bit biased,but who cares!?! Since I don’t know any that age I can’t help it. Anyway, one of the coolest things about living with Tanya and Wilson has been getting to know the girls more than just seeing them once or twice a year. I tried to hang out with them, but sometimes I was glad that I wasn’t their parent because all kids can get annoying at times.

Our rule for the girls is to stay on our bed, if they want to stay in the room. Otherwise, they might get into more things that we didn’t want broken, and our room was not baby safe I would say! So, here you can see Mia and Ally wrestling… I think that they were fighting over our rings.

When Grant was taking pictures, Mia made sure that Grant had taken a picture of each foot since her nails were painted, and each hand. It was very funny because she was not happy until he had taken them and she could see them.

We would let them play with our rings since they would have a harder time breaking those, and it was soo funny to see their first reaction to them… lets put them on our toes! So, Grant and I were laughing about how many toes of Ally’s can fit in one of my rings!

Then as I mentioned before, we would sometimes watch them, and this time I got Ally out of bed because she was crying,but she still seemed groggy…. So, I layed down on the bed again and in about 3 seconds she was out again, so I was happy for Tanya because most of the time more sleep = happier child.

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