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Ally and Me!

by gswarfield
Grant and I sometimes “watch” Mia and Ally. When I say watching I mean, we are at home while the girls are sleeping. Every once in a while, the girls wake up before Tanya gets back, so we try to entertain them until Tanya gets home. Here is one of those times.

Mia and Tanya were shopping, and Ally woke up before they were back. I had just gotten back from work, so she was excited to play with me. The rules for the girls is that if they are in our room they have to stay on the bed. Because off of the bed are so many different things that they can break of mess up the room with.

So, ally and I were talking and playing on the bed, and she would jump around, play with Tanya’s phone, and then every once in a while lay down and point at the blanket and assume that I would cover her up. I would, and it was a constant Game. Right now, we are in Houston for the holiday and it is so cool to have the girls used to us and comfortable with us. It will be kinda sad when we get our own place because they won’t be as used to us, but that is ok. I have to say it is awesome to play with them,but them not be mine yet.

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