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Officially Texans!

by gswarfield

Jess always says that we have nothing to blog about, but that is certainly not true. This past Tuesday we officially became Texas residents. Last saturday we took our cars to get them inspected, which, in the county we live in, there is a safety inspection and also a emissions inspection. Then we found out where we were suppose to register our cars at was closed on the weekends. So Jess took a day off of work Tuesday, thinking it would probably be a half day or something…. welllllll that was wrong thinking. I tried to keep my expectation very low for a day that you have to go to the DMV. Well here in Texas, we actually had to go to the county tax office to get our cars registered and get plates. Well if you are a new resident you get to have a $90 new resident tax as well. But the $355 dollars later we have our cars registered in the state of texas and we received our plates for our cars. Side note, Texas is phasing in new license plates. Well I think the newer ones do not look as masculin at the older ones, and I was hoping for some old ones. Well just did her paper work and received a set of the new license plates. Then I finished my paper work and BAM I received the older license plates!!! AWESOME!!!

There is a sweet picture of the “Rally Racer” as my friend from college use to call it. The funny part about this truck is that I bought it from my brother-in-law that lived in Texas. I registered it in Arkansas but never took the inspection sticker off the windshield until this past Saturday. Now it is full circle and the ol’ Rally Racer is in its home state. Well the county tax office was surprisingly quick and easy. Then we went to the DPS (Department of Public Safety). This is the place you get your license. Well we tried to walk in the door but there was a line zig zagged all the way till the door. So after waiting for 3.5 hours and paying more money, we received our 8 by 11 sheets of paper that were our temperary license until then came in the mail after like 3-6 weeks. An 8 by 11 sheet of paper!!!! I guess everything is bigger in Texas. So you have to carry an 8×11 sheet of paper with you where every you go. In the long run it doesn’t matter because we are finally Texan residents. Since we are Texans, we can now start to officially say “Y’all”, “fixen to”, “coke (even though you might be getting a mountain dew it is still the general ‘coke'”, and all the rest of the southern slang. We can start calling people from the north..”Yanks” haha . Well I might be back with a picture of Jessica’s license plate. OHH!! I almost forgot about the best part of our day. The church we have been going to has a young marrieds group. Well one of the young marrieds works at state farm insurance. Well a long story short we are saving a lot of money on our insurance!!!!! Thanks Cody.

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