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My Internship

by gswarfield
Grant and I have really been blessed since we have graduated from college! The day before we moved out of our apartment in Searcy before Christmas break, we found out that I had gotten an Internship with the firm Cromwell Architects Engineers. They are the largest Architectural and Engineering Firm in Arkansas. I was very excited because not only are they a very well known firm, but they were actually paying me for my time which is very scarce for Interior Design internships! I started it on Monday, January 5th, and so far I have completed the first week. It is such a wonderful environment, and it is such a productive firm because they have all of the engineers, architects, and designers all under one roof working together on all of the projects. I wanted to show some pictures of where I work now that I have a break.

This is the outside of the building that I work in which is across from the Little Rock Court House. As of now they are only using 2 of their 4 floors, and renting out the other 2. In case they need to expand from their number of 120 employees they can.
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