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by gswarfield

Right before our trip to Austin was Grant’s Birthday. I eventually decided to get him a 24” Flat Screen monitor since he always used mine, and there was a pretty good deal on a dell one. Well, once we each had our own Monitors, there wasn’t much room to have duel monitors on a desk that two people share. Grant and I had been talking a while about getting a second desk since the desk that we had was one from Ikea which we were both completely satisfied with it, but it definitely got crowded. When we first got married, it was my desk with some of Grant’s things on it, but once he got his desktop it became his. Now I wasn’t against this, it was more of an observation than anything. I didn’t HAVE to have a desk, I just used the kitchen table, but constantly having to clear off the stuff I was working on for each meal was a little frustrating. Needless to say, we decided it was time for a new desk. Luckily by the time we decided this, it was almost time to go to Austin for Fall break. We knew we wanted the same desk that I already had but with a different wood veneer, but this desk brand new was $85 with a $25 glass top. So, we didn’t know if that was money we should really be spending right now. I was randomly looking at the Austin Carigslist since it has so much more stuff than the little rock one, and I found the exact desk that we were looking for used for $40. So once Grant got home from work I asked him about it, and we contacted the guy! He had not yet sold the desk and was an awesome seller.
While in Austin, Grant and Simon went and picked up the desk from the seller, and later that day I went to Ikea with Wilson and got the glass top which had gone up in price, but still cheaper than having a top custom made. So, we were very excited that we saved $40 on this desk! Woot! We ended up bringing a lot of Tanya’s stuff to Austin including her bike, so, we just strapped the desk (taken apart) on the bike rack. Everything worked well, and we eventually set up the desk. Now our apartment in Searcy is very little, and our only goal is for everything to fit since making it look pretty isn’t the highest thing on our priority list, but here are some pictures of the desks.

Here is my desk after Grant removed literally 96% of the stuff on the desk… his stuff. We both hadn’t realized that so much was his, and we were laughing so hard since he had literally taken over my desk and made it his own. Sorry about how messy it is here, but we just wanted to post the pictures, and desks aren’t ALWAYS clean.

Here is a picture of Grant’s new desk. you can see the lighter color wood and the glass top. His desk also looks messy,but like I said we weren’t going for picture perfect here.

Here again you can see his set up of his laptop with sitting next to his desk… maybe this is as close to dual monitors that he can achieve right now lol.

Here is where the problems have also began- chairs! I had a nice office Chair and so did he, but before we didn’t have two desks so there was no point in having two chairs, so Simon and Austin were nice enough to house the other chair since they had the room. Well, right before we bought the new desk, Grant’s chair broke! so, we have been sharing my chair and this papasaun chair stool with an extra cushion and two pillows… not the safest thing. So, everytime one of us is alone we are always claiming the chair.

Here is the beloved and much coveted chair. So Grant and I have been looking a different used desk chairs, but most are too over priced, and we don’t NEED one right now.

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Amaro Family November 2, 2008 - 9:06 am

Is that a tire I see in that photo?! What’s going on in there?! The desk is awesome! 🙂


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