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Austin Trip

by gswarfield
So as many of you know, Simon, Grant, Julia, and I went to Austin for our Fall Break. This is a first for Harding, so it made it a lot of fun. We left for Austin on Thursday afternoon, and were there until Sunday afternoon! We thrifted a whole lot, went to Mueller to see a Wallace and grommet movie and the parks of course!!!! OH, and we went and saw Tanya and Wilson’s beautiful new rowhouse. I helped them with some of the design of the inside,but nothing major. So here are some of the few pictures that we acutally took while in Austin!
Here is Simon pushing Mia around… I guess she was getting tired of moving the toy herself and sitting backwards is soo much cooler!

The neighborhood kids were very nice, but always wanting attention. Here is Tyrek showing off his mad climbing skills.

Simon supervising the play time making sure everyone shares… and he think

Mia riding all by herself.

Mia drawing some beautiful pictures.
Shoes are so much cooler than chalk!

When Simon and Grant first came out to watch Mia play outside, all the kids came running to come play since they were all wanting attention.

When Mia found out that Simon and Grant would watch and play with her outside she started to gather her chalk. It didn’t matter that they were spilling out of her green bucket or that she had multiples of every color… she had ALL her chalk with her-enough said.

Julia helping Mia answer the phone… Mia would take a phone, and the rest of us would call it to talk to her, but she kept accidentally hanging up on us.

Mia talking with Simon on the phone.

Mia in her PJs playing in the dining room where Simon’s bed was.
Julia helping Mia again with the phone.

Ally Looking scared!

Ally looking nervous because of Grant’s creepy expression.

Ally Happy-ish with Grant.

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