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Some Wedding Pictures

by gswarfield
For those of you who don’t have face book, here are some of the pictures that Kira posted on Face book. Also, in the mix are a few pictures that Grant took with his i phone during our photography session thingy…which I didn’t know he took. So, even though I am not particularly fond of some of the pictures, I figure Grant will be posting them later anyway, so not a battle worth fighting! ;p

For all of my Harding friends and family, be relieved, this is definitely sparkling grape juice. Even though my face looks goofy, and it might seem the taste was weird,but honestly, I was praying I wouldn’t miss my mouth… silk is not the most forgiving fabric!

This picture was probably the weirdest for me to see because Grant and I don’t like to display affection publicly! Kissing in front of a lot of people is weird to think about lol!

During the ceremony, Josh our officiant told us to just think about key points that he would bring up during his talk, and I was laughing at that thinking I will be paying attention to it all. RIGHT, I am glad that I did get key points, and am surprised that I got that much!

This is a picture of my Grandma Eleanor Grasham and Grandpa William Grasham with Mia my flower girl and my niece and Kira and Andrew Fleshman my sister and brother in law! I was soo happily surprised by how many of my family members could attend my wedding!

This is my oldest sister Tanya Robertson and her Daughter my niece Mia who as I stated above was my flower girl. The cutest thing that happened was that when she was put in that cute dress she knew that she was look’en good! She mainly speaks German and kept saying, ” Schick, Schick.” This means fancy or chic, and it kept making us all laugh since this was her first more formal outfit!

This is Kira and Andrew Fleshman again!

Me in my dress!I got such a great deal on it, it doesn’t seem real!

This is Jessica Stachler who is my good friend from my church who was amazing enough to video tape my wedding! She is such an amazing sweet person, and I was so lucky to her there with me on this day!

Us walking out of the church, and I don’t think you can really see the bubbles, but they are there.

At a different time I guess…

That is the church that I got married in, and you can kind of see me standing to the right of the main door. Since the church is very old, it has only one other room and no bathroom in it. So, I was not allowed inside until when I had to walk down the isle, so I was chill’in. It was such beautiful weather. I had read it was going to rain so I was ready for the worst, so it was very nice to have my expectations surpassed!

This was when the photographer came to take some photos before we left for the church. This is in our back yard, and it turned out a lot better than I could have hoped.

As you can see, my mother loves plants, almost as much as her kids, and her garden is so beautiful because of it. If you look closely, you can see Mia blending in very well. This was a blessing because it is easier to take pictures outside than in a crowded house of hyper people. It was also more calming for me because I got to pretend that no one was watching the pictures!

This is our amazing photographer Mr. Scott Sidol! We first met him at Matt and Megan Vitarella’s wedding, and He was the deciding factor whether we would have a more traditional wedding or elope.

More pictures

Poor Mr. Sidol had to think a lot about each picture because this church is in the middle of a circle , and there are cars constantly driving round and round.

Just another picture.

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