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First Date, Gail’s Visit, and Anniversary

by Jessica

Gail came for another visit in August and it was so nice having her with us. It is so fun to have people visit who are as crazily excited about Reese as we are. This post is VERY late in being posted so sorry Gail… still playing catch up.

Here you can see Reese and Gail right after she came. It is crazy seeing Reese this young and blob like!


Gail is a great cook and shared a few recipes during her visit. This has become a tradition, she shares some with us, and we with her. I think it is a win win for both of us! We even matched this time. 🙂

Grant and I haven’t been on many dates since Reese has been born, but honestly since she is such a good sleeper, we haven’t felt like we needed many yet. She goes down at 6pm, and we have the rest of the night to ourselves which is wonderful. Well Gail offered to watch Reese for us so we could go on a date and also celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary a weekend early. How have we been married that long?! I’m just so thankful to have a wonderful husband like Grant to live life with. This was very sweet of her, and it was nice to have someone we trusted here to watch her. Due to her early bed time, we put Reese down to sleep in her crib, and made sure Gail had food and a movie to occupy herself with while we went out to eat.


Grant and I about to head out on our date. Plaid is where it is at apparently.



We went to Moe’s BBQ which is really close to our house and has really really good wings. So our meal was super yummy. 


Then we had a coupon for Frozen Yogurt so we decided to be all crazy and get dessert too.


I’m pretty sure I ate 90% of it,but nursing makes you hungry!


We did check on our munchkin once while we were gone to make sure she was being a good girl for Grammie.


So this is just a short post,but Gail, thank you for coming and visiting so often; we love it and you. Also, thanks for giving us a chance to get out and get a break from Reese.

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