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Pharaoh Reese

by Jessica

Here are some really cute pictures of Reese getting her bath.



This was Reese’s second bath, and she was much happier with this set up than the one we had before. I think she looks like a Pharaoh in this picture.



She isn’t too sure about Grant taking her picture.



We are soo much happier when we are warm.



The clicking noise is distracting, we know.



Now she is bored with us, and we better get her dressed and ready for bed, Stat.


I just loved these pictures. We tried our PUJ tub which is super cool,but just doesn’t work with the sinks at our house. 🙁 So, Gail told us about using a sponge in the bath tub. They are SUPER cheap, and Reese loves it so win win. Thanks Gail for the advice!

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Mom (Grammie) July 1, 2015 - 10:34 am

Anything to make Grammie’s grandbaby happy! Love the pictures too.


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