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Painting the Smelly Closet

by Jessica

One of the smaller DIY projects that I worked on was painting the “smelly” closet as we called it. No matter what we tried it always had a musty smell to it. So, we decided a fresh coat of primer and paint would hopefully do the trick. This is our main linen closet, and so I was really wanting it to be useable!


Here is what the closet looked like to start off with.


Some of the shelves were wedged in pretty well, so I had to use a rubber mallet to get them out.


I painted the shelves, closet walls, and ceiling with Kilz Primer.


Then I painted the everything the same Behr Premium Plus paint as we used in the nursery on the walls.


I also painted the tops, bottoms, and edges of the shelves which took the longest since I had to paint, let it dry, rotate, and so on.


Here is the final after, I know you can’t really see much of a difference,but in person it was a lot less scuffed, fresh, and not musty smelling so that is VERY exciting because now it houses our extra blankets and pillows!

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