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Visit from Houston

by Jessica

We were lucky enough to be able to have my parents come for a visit to Huntsville in the beginning of July. It was a very laid back visit,but we had a lot of fun. We tried one of our favorite restaurants here in Huntsville which is Connor’s Steak House, and my parents stayed at the Westin at Bridge street.




They were able to walk to Panera Bread for breakfast on the mornings they didn’t eat with us. My parents were able to either stay in their room to hang out or come to our place. I felt like it was a great balance. We knew when they wanted their own time to nap or read, and when they wanted to be with us. We watched a lot of the World Cup which was a lot of fun, talked, walk around bridge street, did a little shopping, and just enjoyed time together. I wish we would have had a house so they wouldn’t have had to go back and forth between our place and the hotel,but at least it was a very short drive between the two. Mama was sick during the trip,but we still got to spend time with her during the portions she was feeling better. Mama and Papa loved the Huntsville area so that was nice. I wish we had taken some pictures, but Grant and I had to work a few of the days they were here, so it just slipped our minds. We didn’t really do much to celebrate the 4th of July even though that was when they were here because none of us are huge on fireworks. Also, Mama was sick that day so she didn’t come for dinner so it was just us and Papa. They were able to see the fireworks from their room, so I hope that at least was nice. I hope next time they come and visit, we can show them more of the area than they saw on this last trip. Thank you Mama and Papa for coming to visit us Grant and I loved having you and hope you will come visit some time later again.

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