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Closets and Hangers

by Jessica

A few months ago, I won a giveaway to onlyhangers.com, and I was pretty excited that I got the pick what I wanted. I picked 100 of their wooden hangers.


This is what Grant’s side looked like before since I forgot to take a before of my side.



My side with all of the clothes removed. Sorry about my mound of need to be mended, pattern drafter from, or completely revamped clothing in a basket that you can’t see.


 The Hangers!


My side looking all snazzy!


We had just enough hangers for both of our clothes in our closet, and for our entry coat closet. I kept the other hangers that we had for now because I wouldn’t want to buy cheaper hangers again if we ever get a house.

So just a fun update on something that makes me feel more organized since we both went through our closets before putting clothes back in with the new hangers.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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