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Gulf Shores Vacation!

by Jessica

Alright, so sorry about the blogging break, we went on vacation at the end of September/beginning of October, and we have been going nonstop since getting back. So, here is the post about our wonderful vacation!

We rented a beach house with Kira and Andrew in Gulf Shores, AL. Grant and I had played with the idea of going to an all inclusive resort,but this just happened to work out and was a lot cheaper. We budgeted a lot extra in advanced to make sure we didn’t worry about going over budget on this vacation. This was our first vacation since our honeymoon 5 years ago, and we wanted to really enjoy it and relax.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon after Kira and Andrew,but for us it was around a 5 hour drive which really wasn’t bad.

DSC_7197Here is the view off of our deck.

DSC_7198The other side.

DSC_7208Alana looked so funny in the wrap.

DSC_7225Even though we went in the beginning of October, the weather was perfect, and lots of pretty wild life!

DSC_7236The sunsets were beautiful!

DSC_7239To us at least, Alana was just a laid back baby, and we honestly didn’t notice her being there. We never heard her while we slept, and it was a lot of fun having her there!

DSC_7259Kira and Andrew are PROS at having a beach vacation! Here you can see Andrew setting up all of their gear!


DSC_7544Alana in her princess tent and swing.

DSC_7550The yellow house on the right is the one we rented.

DSC_7562We mainly chilled on the beach, the guys played video games inside sometimes, read books, played games, talked, or napped.

DSC_7566Grant took this picture of Kira and it looked like it should be a Kindle ad.

DSC_7569Sleeping in the awesome weather.

DSC_7589A really cute picture of Alana before we were getting ready to go on a walk.

DSC_7599Kira was walking for a while like this without realizing that Alana’s face was completely covered by the bill of her hat. 🙂

DSC_7604So we fixed it.

DSC_7609On one of our morning walks.

DSC_7612All of the muscles or clams before they dug themselves into the sand.

DSC_7616We saw this guy, and couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

DSC_7618Then he showed us he was getting bait for fishing.



DSC_7615Ghost shrimp.




DSC_7623Andrew throwing rocks.




DSC_7627A lot of fishermen were out, it reminded Kira and I of fishing with our dad while growing up.




DSC_7628An awesome short Grant got of this bird with a fish in it’s mouth.




DSC_7635A beautiful bird by the water.

DSC_7650Here is the guy who was getting the ghost shrimp before, but he caught a sting ray.

DSC_7651I never realized they had such beady eyes.

DSC_7652He had to pull it on shore so he could get the hook out.


DSC_7656Andrew helped him hold down the tail to make sure they weren’t hurt.


DSC_7666Time to turn him over and get him back in the water.

DSC_7670Away he goes…

DSC_7675He stopped really close to the shore, and we didn’t want someone to step on him.

DSC_7678So he pushed him away again.


DSC_7684He was not happy,but away he went into deeper water.

DSC_7695There was an air force base nearby and some of the days there were planes out doing maneuvers.

DSC_7702A small crab.

DSC_7706Alana just sleeping.

DSC_7717Some of the flight patterns in the air from the air planes.

DSC_7724The air planes went REALLY high.




DSC_7725The birds hanging out.

DSC_7726This orange bill really stood out to me.

DSC_7736Kira and I took turns making breakfasts and lunches which we planned in advanced, and then we would go out to a new restaurant each night for dinner which was a lot of fun.

DSC_7737Some of the time I would stay inside with Alana while she slept, and then Kira and Andrew got a break.

DSC_7753Kira thought it was funny how much sunscreen we put on,but we were not about to get burnt on our vacation!

DSC_7756It was so nice outside and so beautiful.

DSC_7757One of the days it stormed.

DSC_7761Taking pictures while it rained.


DSC_7767The birds all buckling down because of the wind.

DSC_7787We played the Game of Thrones Board Game.


DSC_7812It was kinda cool how the horizon line was lost during the storm.

DSC_7936While playing the board game, Andrew thought it was hilarious that I was a ruthless board game player even toward Grant. I blame Oma who taught us from a young age to show no mercy while playing Mensch ärger Dich Nicht.


DSC_7978We tried to get some family pictures, and these two were great because Alana was smiling in both!





DSC_8083Kira wanted Andrew to hold up Alana and doing a loving look up, but Andrew decided that the Lion King pose was much better.
















DSC_8694Being goofy.

DSC_8529Group Photo!




DSC_8793Sand, Sand EVERYWHERE!

DSC_8795We introduced Kira and Andrew to one of our favorite games Pandemic!

1234570_740076530019_624640801_nAlana and I just hanging out.

We ate at King Neptune’s which had pretty good food, and we had a horrible sushi experience,but we have some fun memories from it I guess.

P1050425We met our friends Andrew and Amanda at LuLu’s restaurant since they happened to be in Gulf Shores at the same time we were, so this took this picture for us.

We went to Gelato Joe’s for the Gelato, only to eat dinner and be too full for the Gelato that had such great reviews…FAIL.

P1050509We ate at Lambert’s Restaurant which had a great atmosphere, and it had some of the best food of all of the places we tried.

As we were leaving, we stopped at the shrimp basket which was also phenomenal, their crab cakes and coconut shrimp were soo good.

An awesome video Andrew made.

We left right before the hurricanes came into the area so the timing and weather was perfect for our stay. Thanks Kira and Andrew for doing so much of the planning since you two are pros!

We had a wonderful vacation, and it was so nice to be there with Kira, Andrew, and Alana. It was so needed, even if it was hard to get back into the swing of everyday life when we returned.

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