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Phone Pad for your Nightstand

by Jessica

If you are a blogger or get a lot of emails and texts, it can be somewhat annoying when you are trying to sleep. Even if you put your phone on silent it might still vibrate; I sometimes drive my husband crazy with this. I finally decided enough was enough. Some people don’t keep their cell phones in their bedrooms,but for those who use them as alarms like we do this is our only option. Here is my tutorial on how to make this pad.


I had felt so that is what I decided to use,but you could always use fleece, or cover fabrics with a thicker layer in-between.


Figure out what size will work with your phone.


Pin on top of your fabric.


I then layered the felt.


Cut to the same size.


I used Black and Grey since those are the colors that I had, and felt doesn’t fray so I was just able to top stitch all the way around.


Top stitch around with your sewing machine or by hand if you prefer.


Trim up so the pieces are the same length and get rid of extra threads.


If you use regular fabric that frays, you can put right sides together sew all the way around leaving a small opening, turn right side out, and then topstitch the opening closed.


Here is the back, I know this is nothing special, but this way I can lay my phone screen down on this pad so I don’t see it when it lights up, and I don’t have to worry about scratching the screen.

DSC_4352Also, the two layers of felt is just thick enough to dampen all noise from it vibrating. For me this was a perfect solution, and I hope this helps if it took you as long as it did me to see I needed something like this.

After having written this post, my husband informed me that there is a setting on the iphone you can do where you set the hours of when it won’t disturbe you. I didn’t know this,but here is the link on how to set it up.



Final photo on my night stand!





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Simon May 15, 2013 - 7:42 pm

I used to use a wash cloth for the very purpose. Since iOS 6, I got used to the “Do not disturbe” feature though.


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