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by Jessica

One of my favorite fruits is grapefruit, my nieces in Austin also like it a lot, so today, while I was eating some and cheating on our diet, I was thinking about them and how people have funny habits. For some reason, I have always liked ketchup, sour things(very sour lemonade,etc.), tangy(certain BBQ sauces and vinegar), and bitter things like grapefruit. I don’t know if those likes are because of how I was raised or just simply what I gravitated towards naturally. Who knows.

DSC_3780Grant and I have  a wonderful expensive knife set  we got for our wedding, yet this el cheapo knife is my favorite for cutting grapefruit.

DSC_3781I think it says ChefMate on it or did at some point.

DSC_3785I have never been a fan of those grapefruit spoons and prefer to just take the time to completely cut every piece. It makes it so much faster and nicer when eating.

DSC_3789Adding a small amount of Truvia also makes it taste amazing!

DSC_3790Never waste a drop! I always get as much juice from the grapefruits, and I tend to think that the grapefruits with a thinner peel tend to hold more juice… I might just be crazy though.

I know this is a random post,but Grant and I buckled and have been eating a little bit of fruit lately that we aren’t supposed to eat on our diet,but it tastes soooooooo good. Also, if you follow me on Pinterest,  I am NOT pregnant! One of my sisters is, and I can’t stop pinning cute baby stuff! I am just soooo excited for her. I hope you had a great Easter Weekend! Grant and I just relaxed and worked on our latest projects. I am working on a baby shower gift for my sister and Grant on some arduino thing.

Happy Monday!

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Kira April 3, 2013 - 10:33 pm

I’m so lucky you’re making something for baby Alana because all the stuff you make is awesome! Can’t wait to see what it is.
Love, your pregnant sis


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