So yesterday, I posted HERE about my fail with cutting the stretch wrong on some fabric. I didn’t want to throw it away and waste it so I came up with another fun idea of what do to with it, make bow ties!


First cut your fabric into the correct pieces with the boy ties, the stretch didn’t really matter. I followed these Tutorial#1 & Tutorial #2.


I folded the main piece in half with right sides together.


The part that will go around the bow I also folded in half with right sides together.

DSC_4185I serged Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed
, but you can always sew on a regular sewing machine.


Sew the long side and one of the ends shut.


Turn right side out.


Sew just the long side of smaller wrapping piece.


Turn right side out.


I then moved it so the seam was centered on the back.


With your sewing machine, sew the last end shut.


Here is what you have, and you can trim off any loose threads and excess fabric.


Fold both ends to where they meet at the front and secure the two pieces with a dot or two of hot glue.


Place another dot on the center front.


Fold together to get the puckered look.


Then fold part of the fronts back so you start seeing the bow tie.


Place another dot of glue in the center and place the wrapping pieces ont he center.


Turn over, add another dot, and lay the first piece down, then another dot of glue fold over the last side and trip off excess fabric.


So here is a finished bow tie, my next problem came on how to attach it to the child. ;p See a lot of people make a bow tie that has a strap that goes around the neck,but I could just see that making a baby fussy. The next option was to add little snaps,but then I would either have to give extra snaps as part of the gift that most people would never take the time to sew on or I would have to include a onesie. The other option was to add a clip on earring to the back of the bow, but I felt a flailing child could rip it off.


So, I came up with the idea of making them pin on bows which can be added to any outfit.


Make sure your bar pins are the locking kind so no babies are in danger.


Add a small line of hot glue on the back.


And put onto the back of the bow ties.

DSC_4205This goes really fast, so there my first mistake was fixed by not having to waste the extra fabric but making it a second part to my boy gifts!

The knit bows don’t look as crisp as ones made with different material,but I liked these as a more casual look.

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