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Life Lately

by Jessica

Lately life has been a little crazy, we have spent a few weekends in Nashville to see Kira and Andrew and to make a Craigslist purchase which I will blog about next. We are still visiting Churches which can get a little bit old after a while so I hope we decide on a place soon so we can try and start integrating as much as possible. We finally got all of our insurance stuff switched over. We loved our agent in Austin, TX since we knew Brent personally. He was kinda enough to call and talk to a few agents here in Huntsville and tell us which to avoid. We ended up choosing one that we are very happy with and are getting more coverage than in Austin for cheaper than we were paying there so we can’t  complain. So finally everything is up to date since our move which is very exciting!

photoI am finally getting better at shaping and painting my nails with the gel polish. (Color is Sea Foam by Gelish.) Gel Nail Tutorial.

photo (4)(Color is Midnight Caller by Gelish.) Gel Nail Tutorial.

photo (6)(Color is little princess with waterfield by Gelish.) Gel Nail Tutorial.


DSC_3617Not the best picture,but insane how long my hair is getting.

photo (1)We got an exercise ball from Aldi for really cheap, and I have been trying to use it while working from home, and man, do you feel it!

photo (2)I do so much grocery shopping,but we are so blessed to be able to afford good food.

DSC_3607One of the great recipes that Kira gave me(turkey wraps with swiss cheese, spinach leaves, green onion, tomatoes, and cucumbers.) which Grant ate in one day. I meant to make them so we could eat them throughout the week,but that part didn’t work out. I had the deli worker cut the turkey wrong, it is supposed to wrap completely around the filling, but it still turned out ok this time and was super tasty.

photo (3)One of my lunches that was super yummy! Bacon and cheese burgers with pickles. I normally am not a huge pickle person, but it was very good on these.

Anyway, sorry for the silence hopefully I will get blogging again. I hope you are all well!


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Toni Grasham March 18, 2013 - 3:25 pm

Jess, are you sure that’s a picture of you ??? It looks so much like Raya! Mama

jrwarfield March 18, 2013 - 3:26 pm

Haha, I haven’t been around Raya for a while, so yup, it is me.


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