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The forgotten New Year’s Post

by Jessica

If you are on Facebook, then this post might be a repeat for you! These pictures were taken on New Year’s Eve, and I totally forgot that I hadn’t posted them yet! The Reinhardts, Grashams, Warfields, and Anthony all were at the Robertson’s house. We had cheese fondu for dinner as well as other goodies, the Robertson’s don’t have a TV just like we don’t so we never got to watch the ball drop  which I think disappointed some,but it was lots of fun.

When we are around Emi, Grant tried to get Emi to laugh or smile. She has an amazing disinterested look and death stare. So here is another of Grant’s attempts.

Hannah and Emi playing together.

Emi playing with a Panera bag that she could fit it. She convinced multiple people to swing her around in it.

Simon, listening to Anthony I think.

Daniel and Anthony talking about phones I think.

Emi and Simon playing together.

Sarah and I.


Emi decided to join us and be a goofball!

Anthony looking philosophical.

Emi performing for her audience.

Just chilling.

Playing lier’s dice.

I love everyone’s faces here!



A group shot minus the kids. I hope everyone had a great time with family on New Year’s.

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