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Dime Box Fun

by Jessica

These pictures are kind of old,but I still wanted to post them. My cousin Simon and his wife Sarah stayed at my parent’s property working right after they got married. We were finally able to visit them one of the weekends. Here are some pictures from there and some at a later time.

 Here you can see Sarah and I just talking I think. It was so nice to have a couple that is married, close to our ages and have meshing personalities.

 Here you can see some of the lines that Grant put down for irrigation. We ended up switching to rubber hoses so the horses on the property wouldn’t break them.

 The reason we even messed with irrigation is because Austin, TX and the surrounding areas has one of the worst droughts in a LONG time. So, my dad was wanting as many of the trees watered to try and save them from dying.

 Here you can see the one of the horses; the food was also so scarce that they always were begging for treats hoping we had some apples or something.

I thought that these pictures were funny. Grant has a truck,but it is small and the pipes long!

 We drove to dime box like this lol.

 Grant and Simon wanted to have some fun… this is their idea of fun, shooting a 2 liter bottle into the air….. Here Grant is mixing ingredients.

 Sarah was taking pictures and a video.

 The first one Grant made was a dud, then Simon kept failing to light the second one, and then Grant got it to work.

 This was them afterwards, both complaining about their ears hurting because they had been to close because they didn’t expect it to go off. WOW, Sarah, can you believe our husbands are older than us?! lol

 This is a game that Simon brought with him, and Grant and him were playing it.

 Grant and Simon playing and looking serious.

I am sure that Simon hated me for taking this picture, oh well! I can’t wait to hang out with them again, hopefully we will see them around Christmas.



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