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The Iv

by Jessica

Ok, so people sometimes pronounce HIV like a word rather than saying each letter. Well, Grant got poison Ivy and we called it the IV(Like a word not the letters.) Pretty much, Grant always knew he had some pretty bad reactions to poison ivy,but he never had it this bad before. He was helping Paul with his lawn service, and first thing in the morning he got it. This means that the oils had all day to set in.

He went home and showered, he did the usual thing when he thinks he has poison ivy…. scrap it with a blade and pour bleach on it… didn’t seam that healthy but whatever.

After about a week, it kept getting worse and kept spreading or so we thought. I think really the oils had stayed on his body long enough, and whenever they wanted to just showed up.

So, he tried everything he could think of, and let me tell you there are some weird remedies online. I remember the time I came home from work and he had soaked his arms  in salt water and bleach for a while. We could see the pigment discoloration difference of where his arm had been submerged and where it wasn’t.

It got so bad, that he finally considered going to the doctors. Then he called a place Tanya knows, and they said if he was having trouble breathing then they would give him steroids,but other than that there is nothing they can really give him. So, Grant had to stick it out some more which really stunk for him.

The really bad spots started to heal,but lots of small areas were still showing up. I am sure he was really miserable, and I felt bad.

The constant oozing was pretty gross not going to lie.

I probably was not helping matters. I made fun of the IV, and refused to touch him. Even though it is supposedly not contagious,but seeing him get more and more over time didn’t help.  I didn’t want any part of that. Here I am with a flat sheet between us so that I don’t have to touch his arms… We were going to watch a movie. Kinda cruel I know,but I don’t do well with itching… When I get a mosquito bite, I scratch it until it stops itching… one time in my life I don’t have a lot of discipline. I am just very glad that Grant no longer has the IV, and I am sure he is glad that he is out of quarantine.

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Simon June 2, 2010 - 8:18 am

Dude! That blows…well “blew”, I guess. Glad your over it


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