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Day in the Life Post

by Jessica

I thought it would be fun to do a Day in the Life of me post since I know once the baby arrives it will all change. This is our current routine that we follow most days, some days I’m super productive others I’m a lazy bum so this is all relative.

6:00am – Grant’s Alarm starts going off when he snoozes it. If I am showering this morning, I get up then and shower first.

6:30am – Finally time to get up. Grant starts with a shower while I jump into clothes and freshen up.

6:45am – Grant is normally done with his shower and he is getting ready for work, ironing his shirt,etc. I am downstairs making our breakfasts. I used to always make the same thing for both of us,but since being pregnant it always changes what I will want. I make his coffee or tea to take to work as well as pack his lunch.

7:00-7:15am – Depends on how fast we are moving, Grant goes out the door to work. I either eat breakfast right then, while being pregnant this is a must. Then I try to clean up the kitchen, start dinner in the crock pot if that is the plan for the day, throw a load of laundry in the washer, organize the office, or go grocery shopping. Our Walmart isn’t in the best area, and when I go this early it is very empty and just me and the elderly customers. Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy, I just have me time in the mornings so reading a book, emails, rss feeds, or browsing the web while drinking tea or coffee. Sometimes my mom will call during this time because she knows I’m awake.

7:30-8:00am – I start work. I work more hours at the beginning of the week and take a shorter lunch so that I can be done every Friday at noon which is when I run most of my errands.

10:00-10:30am – This is normally my first snack time thanks to baby, before getting pregnant, I could go all the way to lunch time. This is also when I do facetime meetings for work when there is an all staff meeting.

12:00pm – Take a 30 min lunch, I normally heat up food that is left over from dinner or make something fast like a salad, fruit, eggs, etc. I also will start the dishwasher, move clothes if need be, and catch up on personal stuff.

12:30pm – Back to work.

2:00-5:00pm – Be on the lookout for delivery people. The mail man knows I’m always home so he always brings me bigger packages, but Fedex is notorious for not even knocking but leaving a note saying they missed me. Start thinking about dinner if something isn’t already planned. Make shopping list or pull meat out of the freezer if something needs to be thawed. Also, my boss is always in the office during this time, so if he needs something he will facetime during this time when I do his expenses or have more complex things to talk through.

4:00-5:00pm – End work, all depends on my hours for that week of when I’m officially off the clock.

5:00-7:00pm – If I didn’t go grocery shopping earlier in the morning and stuff is needed for dinner, I normally try to run out and get those things before Grant gets home and the masses descend on Aldi or Walmart. Or start dinner right away if I planned well. Lately Grant has been putting in a lot of overtime and not getting home until later than even this, so on those days I try to plan faster smaller meals so he can just text me when he is on his way, and I can start the food then.

6:00-9:00pm – Grant has his down time right when he gets home from work until dinner is ready if it isn’t ready when he walks in. Then we eat dinner together, and then sometimes he will play computer games, browse the web, or just researches stuff. If he is doing that stuff I tend to read, workout, update our budget, sometimes clean if I’m feeling up to it, laundry, watch a tv show, blog, or work on a craft or sewing project for the blog. If we are doing something together, we sometimes play games, talk, watch a tv show or movie together,etc.

9:00pm – This is my bed time, so I normally head upstairs and start getting ready for bed and then read a little or check facebook before I go to bed. Grant sometimes stays up downstairs,but most of the time he comes up stairs and checks stuff on this phone. I can sleep through all the lights being on in a room so it never bothers me that he might be watching a tv show on his phone.

Well there is a small breakdown of life in the Warfield House. 🙂 Here are some other random tidbits.

I am hoping to attend the Christkindl Market in Akron when we are in Ohio for Christmas time.

My Aunt Irene posted this link on Facebook of these beautiful pictures of the city I grew up in until I was 6 (Wunstorf.) They were missing this picture in my opinion, funny what you remember as a kid.

I was also excited that Target sells Take Away bags that you can use for expired prescriptions. I don’t like the idea of throwing them in the trash, and I really don’t like that some people throw them into the water supply. So, you can buy the prepackaged bags at Target(they were in the pharmacy section) that let you put an non controlled substances in them and have them properly disposed of.  Now Huntsville, has a day once a year where you can drop off any expired prescriptions, so I plan to bring the rest then which for us is in April I think.

I hope you are having a great Thursday!

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