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Life Lately

by Jessica

Here are just random photos from the last few months that I finally got together into a post.


Here is a map of where all of the tornados hit in April, we live in the Huntsville area. I am glad that we were safe.

photo 1 (2)

We get a lot of rain and storms.

photo 2 (2)

Sometimes it is crazy to think that we are getting storms at the same time as Kira and Andrew even though they live 1.5 hours away.

photo (4)

We have a retired neighbor who used to own a restaurant. He is ALWAYS busy gardening. Here you can see him recycling vertical blinds for his gardening.

photo (6)

We look forward to one day having a house… people who can’t park or who park in your spot get old.

photo (9)

This is a different day, and it just keeps happening…sigh.

photo 1 (3)

When it is time to put a new duvet on our feather blanket, it is normally a two person job. Grant tells me I look like a sumo wrestler.

photo 2 (3)I don’t see it,but he laughs at me EVERY TIME!


I got the wife of the year award in March. Grant’s favorite tooth paste along with most products he likes have been discontinued. We can still find it at a few stores online,but we normally have to pay around $4 a container. I was walking through the Dollar tree while looking for other stuff only to see 12 containers of his tooth paste!!!! I was able to get them of a dollar each.

photo (1)

We are becoming more native Alabamians! We had their “White Sauce” which you eat on BBQ Pork, and we recently tried the Steak out which is a local carry out or delivery steak place. It was really good too.

Well that is all, I hope you have a Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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