Fixing Cuffed Shorts

by Jessica

As the summer approaches, the season of short wearing is approaching. Not as rapidly as I thought, but having a true winter was nice as well. In Austin, we never had 4 true seasons so it was nice seeing snow, and not having to go out in it. 🙂


I like wearing shorts in the summer, and for some reason I have been buying the kind with a little cuff on the bottom, well that cuff always gets messed up and makes me a little crazy. So, here is how I fixed that.


Here is the culprit, always folds weird, either I sat on it wrong or in the dryer it got messed up, who knows.


First I flattened out the cuff and ironed them as flat as they would go.


Then I used some Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold which I found at JoAnns.


First I stretched out the jeans onto the ironing board so one side was as flat as possible. Then I laid the tape over the area that I needed and cut it to that size as you can see.


Then lay under the cuff with the paper side up.


Then Iron it, make sure your iron is nice and hot. It might take a while since it needs to go through two layers of fabric.

DSC_6059 (1)

To test you can try and pull up a small portion of the paper, and if it is clear underneath and not cloudy, it is ready. Then remove the paper.


Then lay the fabric of the cuff down the way you want it so that you can adhere the other side to the cuff.


Iron again so that sucker is on there really well.


Repeat those steps with the other 3 portions of the shorts and Voila! This tape is supposed to stay even during washing which is why I got that type. Also, if you are still worried about it coming up like me, then just tack the front and back a little bit with thread.

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