Fixing Jeans

by Jessica

I had been putting off some little hemming and fixing that needed to be done on my clothes. So, I finally got to them.


This pair of Jeans which is one of my favorites, had a huge hole in the knee. Online, I found that if you just sew back and forth over the hole with thread a TON of times, it reinforces it and the hole is gone. I know I’m not an expert,but it got the job done. Here is a link to a place that does this professionally so of course theirs looks better.


I also cuffed these jeans since the hem at the bottom was all worn down, and now I have pair of cuffed jeans so woot.


I was able to buy this pair of jeans on ebay normally an $80 pair from Ralph Lauren for $8 with shipping included,but they were over 4″ too long. I was able to hem them using THIS tutorial without needing to actually cut the jeans.


Here you can see I was able to fold it and secure it and use the existing hem.


Here you can see how the fabric is folded inside and tacked on the sides.

DSC_9233So all in all, I am pretty happy with my cheap jeans that now are the perfect size after 10 mins of work!

Have a Great Weekend!

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