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by Jessica

So I know this is a random post,but it is  the only way to share pictures that don’t fit into another type of post.

DSC_5959 copy

Grant spoils me so much with helping around the house, making dinner, cleaning, and even giving me flowers. As he reminds me, the flowers show how much he loves me because they are such dumb thing to spend money on… they are already dead. ;p


Grant told me I was living on the wild side while painting my toes on the carpet… we don’t get out much.

DSC_6362 copy

We have been told this has been a rainier year than normal,but I like it.


I am still winning giveaways.


Here are the contents of this one, I can’t wait until we have a house and can use all this good stuff.

DSC_6996 copy

My homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte, I tried 4 different recipes before finally finding one that was good.; some were way too thick, I felt like I was drinking pumpkin pie…

DSC_7000 copyPoor Grant has to deal with my randomness; this weekend I decided the pantry needed to be reorganized, it is so nice and clean now.


We normally don’t watch a lot of TV shows, but we were told this Sherlock series was good. It is 2 seasons right now with 3 episodes per season, but they are almost 2 hours long each so they are more like mini movies. This is a UK show, and in 2014 they will air another season, and it is EXCELLENT! The actor who plays Sherlock has a lot of mannerisms like my youngest brother Jason, the way he moves his eyes, holds himself,etc. It was fascinating to watch, and I keep waiting for Jason to reveal to the world that he is a genius too. 😉 I would highly recommend this show.


Since Sherlock only had 6 episodes, we wanted to watch something like it, so we found Elementary which is the US version of Sherlock which is also really good. It took us a while to get used to Watson being female,but this one has 24 episodes in the first season, and season two comes out later this month. I cannot wait for it to continue even though we have never been huge murder/crime mystery buffs.


While we are waiting for Elementary season two to start, we watched a few episodes of Dexter, it has a HUGE following, and is, I think, 9 seasons long. Grant likes it,but it is a little to graphic and gory for my taste so I don’t watch it. The gist of the show is Dexter works for the police as a specialist for certain crime scenes, but he is also a serial killer. He goes after the criminals that are guilty but get off the hook or can’t be prosecuted. I just don’t enjoy watching the murders happen or how he kills the killers later, but an interesting concept for a show.


I have been reading the Mr. Money Mustache Blog for over a year and a half now, and his following is only getting bigger. I will warn you, he does curse sometimes,but in general, I really like his articles. I like his stance on parenting, budgeting, and general way of life. Below is a link to an article that Grant and I really enjoyed reading.

How (and How Not) to Buy a House

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.00.52 AMVia

Grant saw this on eBay, and I couldn’t stop laughing… someone bought this Hand-made Guinea Pig Scale-Mail and Helmet (Armor) for $1,150.00 so whenever you are feeling down, think about how somewhere out there is an armored guinea pig!

Have a Great Week!

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