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Keto Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

by Jessica

Since we have started our diet, we haven’t felt very restricted; there are a few things that we crave but nothing to terrible…. I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth, so I am always on the look out for good desserts that I can have. Grant and I like ice cream,but I normally don’t crave it very often unless it is moose tracks/happy tracks.  I stay far away from that crack as I can cause once you pop you can’t stop. Anyway, for my birthday, I got an Amazon gift card from Amanda & Bryan, and I had been looking at buying a certain something for a while, and broke down and got it with that gift card.


A lot of the Kitchenaid attachments didn’t have the best reviews and strained the motors; since I like my mixer and use it more than 2-3 times a week I don’t want to be breaking it any time soon. But this one had great reviews, and I have been wanting to get it for a few years now. So I bought myself the Ice Cream Maker attachment. I know I can make ice cream in the vitamix,but it is a totally different process, and most of the recipes I was finding are made for an ice cream maker.


So you start with freezing the container… sorry about the messy freezer, we don’t have a single shelf in it and our landlord hasn’t seen it as important to rectify this issue, but needless to say it is now a lot more organized than this picture since I reorganized and categorized what was in there so we actually use up everything on a regular basis.


Gather your ingredients: the recipe that I used calls for Stevia, but I used Truvia since that is what I had on hand.


Mix the half and half, and whipping cream.


Add the vanilla, the sweetener, and the extract. You can technically make any flavor,but we like mint chocolate chip. I can’t say exactly how much Truvia I used because I did it to taste. I probably could have added more because once frozen things taste a lot less sweet.


Add food coloring if you want.


Take the completely frozen bowl out of the freezer and make sure your mixture is as cold as possible and add it to there.


Turn it on and site back and relax, mine took around 40 mins,but that is cause I didn’t realize that you can put it on a higher speed than “stir.” If I had done a higher speed, then it would have been done in around 15-20 mins.


Half way through.

DSC_8337Here you can see the consistency is of soft serve ice cream.


I then added a small amount of shaved unsweetened chococlate.

DSC_8339It looks pretty runny here,but still delicious, the recipe I followed says to put it into a container and freeze for a little bit, and it then looks like normal ice cream… I was just really impatient.

Thanks Bryan and Amanda! Have you ever made any homemade ice cream?



I found the original recipe with amounts here!


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