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McDonald’s McGriddle

by Jessica

So, Grant and I were in Searcy, AR last month, and on our way back to Austin we decided to stop at a McDonalds for Breakfast. I got two breakfast burritos, and a nice large frappe, and Grant got a Frappe, and had a difficult time deciding on what he wanted. This is not a place we normally eat, and weren’t that familiar with the menu. Grant mentioned the McGriddle, and I was pretty sure that it had syrup in it,but I told him to just ask the cashier person when we got up there.

Grant asks, “What is a McGriddle, and is there syrup in it?”

Cashier, ” I don’t know.”

Grant, ” Can you ask someone?”

Cashier gets the manager who looks annoyed ,and Grant asks the same question to, She says,”No, there is no syrup in there.” then she walks away.

Grant ended up getting the McGriddle, and once we were on the road Grant discovered that McDonald McGriddles do indeed have syrup in them. This is not a huge deal, we were just surprised at the fact that the cashier had no initiative to get our question answered, and the manager had even less of a clue! So, syrup or not, Grant ate it, and you can’t really tell,but we were just trying to show the syrup. LOL!

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