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My New love of the "ugly black shelf"

by gswarfield

Grant is so patient with me in so many ways. I was talking with a few girls from our young married’s group, and they mentioned to me that they are sometimes more depressed when they move in until their stuff is organized, and let me tell you that is how I am. The more organized I get, the happier I am.. poor Grant.I know I have a lot of shoes, and I can’t stand them all over the floor in the closet even if I do have the room for it. So, Grant and I got thinking about a good solution for this.

Another view of more shoes.. some of them are Grant’s…

The ugly black shelf is very versatile, we shorted it in half, and then put all of the shelves on it in good intervals for shoes.

Here you can see the finished product which = a very happy Jessica and Grant since I am not bugging him.

Some of my boots couldn’t make it on the rack,but it is better than nothing!

So, now our floor in our closet is clean! WOOT!

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