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Tasty Treats

by gswarfield
So, our Wednesday night Bible class for the young marrieds is a small, but fun class. We have finally picked a study, and the youngest… being me, got to teach first. I love food especially baking, so I wanted to make something. Well, all of us are trying to be healthy and some even dieting, so I knew I should take that into consideration. Grant was awesome and helped me come up with different things I could bring to munch on… only problem was each one was fatty and the last resort was always cookies. Cookies are great,but not very nice when most people can eat them and one or two can’t and are trying not to. So, I decided that if I brought in strawberries that would be healthy, and I could cover a few with chocolate so we each get one unhealthy strawberry, and the rest would be better and just as good.

I wanted a visual because I forgot to take any pictures of mine, so I am not as cool as whoever made these strawberries, but we can pretend that I was. Mine were tasty and not a pretty,but since no one was expecting it, it was fun. I don’t know how well me teaching went, but I know that at least my strawberries were good.

Last Week:

So, Wilson likes apple crumb pie according to Tanya, and I love baking, and Tanya has her hands full with the girls and doesn’t always have the change to bake. Thus, I decided to bake a apple crumb pie. I LOVE pies! I was the weird kid growing up that had pies instead of birthday cakes cause they are so much cooler.

I ended up having too much dough, so I made two little pies intending them for the girls, but I ended up taking the to work as dessert on two different days which was an awesome treat! Wilson said he liked the pies, and I thought it was pretty good and an improvement from the first apple crumb pie that I ever made so that is always nice.

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