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Asian Ramen

by Jessica

One of the recipes that my sister Tanya showed me, and we make on a regular basis is Asian Ramen. I think it tastes really good, and is a quick meal to make when in a hurry for dinner. You can pretty much add whatever you want,but here is a sample of what our typical additions are.

Here are what the packets look like on the outside… I don’t read Japanese so I take pictures of all of the products I like on my phone and when I am at the Asian grocery store I can pull up a picture to make sure I am getting the right thing. OR, this is an excellent way to show someone who doesn’t speak English really well what you are wanting. So, here you can see the Chowmein Packets which are Soy Sauce Flavored I am pretty sure or something close to that. I love boiled eggs in mine. Grant prefers only the whites, carrots, and cucumber.

First thing is to hard boil your eggs if you want them in there since they take the longest of this whole dish.

Add the amount of water that the packet says into pot and add the carrots and any other veggies that you don’t want raw, and THEN turn on the heat so while the water heats to boiling your veggies are getting cooked.

We like our cucumbers raw because cooked they get weird so I just slice with the mandolin and set aside.

When you open the Ramen packs, make sure to take the packets out. I would say you will definitely use the soup base,but the other white packets are seaweed sprinkles. I like them on my portion, Grant doesn’t on his.

Once the water is boiling add the noodles, which you can see on the directions packs.

Cook and stir occasionally until all the water is gone.

Add the soup base packets and stir.

Portion into two dishes and then add cucumbers and toss.

Then add the hardboiled eggs, if you want and then the seaweed sprinkles if you like those. TA DA! It is ready to eat; I would also say this dish takes 10-15 mins at the most to make depending on if you do hard boiled eggs or more veggies that take more peeling/prep.

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Roki Robertson January 10, 2013 - 2:28 pm

I slice pork thinly, marinate in soy sauce while I chop veggies, carrots, green onions, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli florets. Actually you can add any vegetables you have in your refrigerator. One of my grandchildren’s favorites.

jrwarfield January 11, 2013 - 9:10 am

Thanks Roki! Those all sound wonderful in there as well!

Pam February 4, 2013 - 11:05 am

Looks tasty!


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